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About the Amigos

The Belief…

Our founder started his journey in 1997 as a computer engineer and entrepreneur, building awesome software products using the latest exciting tech. However, he quickly realised that technology is just an enabler to solving complex business problems and software products must adapt quickly and reliably to really deliver the business value.

Creating the conditions for this agility through flexible architecture and DevOps has been his mission ever since

The Beginning…

In November 2018, Tech Amigos was born with the mission to go beyond the industry buzz and hype and help our customers truly deliver on the promise of Agile and DevOps. 

We do this by using our collection of frameworks, patterns and ready-made pipelines to accelerate our client’s DevOps capability. 

The Journey…

We are now 5 amigos who share a diverse and extensive experience of working in the technology industry. But we all share a similar mindset and passion for helping our clients to turn their technology visions into reality.

So far on this journey, we have delivered the magical experiences to 3 clients.

We have a long journey ahead of us and a lot of work to do but we are on the road.

We take pride in our unique “Outcome based” pricing model when delivering solutions

Product Design

Digital product quality is only as good as its specifications

We apply a customer centric approach to product design and work with your product owners to define, hypothesise, and validate the product features. Our Amigos carry a toolbox of tips and techniques, including but not limited to prototyping, business canvas, that can help convert your ideas into realisable set of features that can then be provided to engineering teams.

 Proposition Validation

We structure your idea into a set of “testable” hypothesis and validate them using a customer-centric design approach.

Outcomes  – user journey sketches, analysed customer research and feature recommendations

Proposition Shaping

We conduct well-defined discovery sprint(s) to “tease-out” the idea and detail it into product features

.Outcomes – set of business canvasses and a functional product roadmap.

Product Backlog

We work as a “thinking-amigo” with your product owner and become a link between Product and Engineering.

Outcomes – well-groomed product backlog, prioritised sprint-backlog and documented feature definitions as Stories.

Software Architecture

Visualising technology in context of your business needs

We apply a pragmatic approach to architecture, work with your engineering  teams to create a technology bounding context that is aligned with the strategic architecture. Our amigos have developed unique set of application and infrastructure patterns that ensure that your product is built on an extensible, scalable and resilient foundation.

Capability Assessment

We assess the AS-IS architecture to identify capability gaps, innovation opportunities and possible infrastructure cost optimisations.

Outcomes – AS-IS analysis, Solution options to help with decision making.

Architecture Roadmap

We create an architecture roadmap that documents different transition states to aid agile delivery whilst ensuring alignment with strategic target state.

Outcomes – Architecture roadmap describing delivery of capabilities with dependencies to assist with delivery plans

Incremental Designs

We work closely with your Engineering team to identify architecturally significant features and deliver necessary patterns or designs.

Outcomes – Designs to describe software patterns, Outline solutions for tech issues.

Engineering Automation

Enabling culture change for speed and quality

We apply a “Continuous Delivery” mindset and automate every aspect of the pipeline to increase the speed of feature delivery, whilst ensuring quality and reliability. Our amigos have built “Accelerators” that enable faster delivery of pipelines and the infrastructure automation. Our accelarator library is growing to support different cloud providers and deployment patterns

Environment Provisioning

We deliver platform agnostic Infrastructure As Code modules that automate the provisioning of different environments.

Outcomes – Terraform scripts that can be used within deployment pipelines

Pipelines and Toolchains

We deliver CI/CD pipelines for your applications , so the solutions are deployed magically as engineers merge the code. We create or optimise toolchains.

Outcomes – Code quality metrics, pipelines, Toolchain, Cloud deployments, Engineering experience.

DevOps Amigo

Our Amigos become part of your sprint team and provide necessary automation support to help you go faster.

Outcomes-Infrastructure support, Engineering support

Meet the Amigos

Sachin Deshpande

Sachin is a friendly, practical and committed Amigo, with a value driven attitude.

Over a 25 year long career, with software engineering at heart, Sachin has undertaken several strategic roles in large enterprise and startups to shape, architect and design scalable digital propositions.

As a Founder, he is now all geared up to lead other amigos in the clan and build a unique tech agency that can work by the side of the clients to improve software quality and delivery.

Roddy Herries

Roddy is a knowledgeable, thoughtful and pragmatic Amigo who loves exploring tech problems with clients and helping them find clean and workable solutions.

Roddy has worked in technology for 20 years building and designing software as an engineer and then as a solution architect. From low latency trading systems to enterprise content management systems Roddy has extensive experience in various industries and organization sizes ranging from startups to global enterprises.

As a senior architect amigo, he uses a pragmatic approach to architecture and problem solving aligns perfectly with agile methods of working and delivery.

Alex Dutton

Alex is a disciplined, meticulous, and methodical Amigo with a penchant for troubleshooting and investigation, and will likely be caught wondering how it actually works.

Alex brings over a decade of software delivery and technical leadership experience to the Amigos, across a broad range of technologies. From a software development background, he has delivered DevOps practices and cloud deployments in a range of organisational settings from startup to enterprise.

As a senior automation amigo, he experiments and implements proven approaches to cloud deployments and engineering automation problems.

Tim Atkinson

Tim is an astute, commercial and inventive Amigo who uses his considerable knowledge and skills of managing change to help clients transform their businesses.

Tim has worked for 35 years in technology and transformation roles as varied as Systems Engineer to CIO, in hugely diverse sectors. In recent years Tim has focussed on helping companies launch new subsidiary businesses, channels, e-commerce capabilities and robotic process automation.

Tim is often the first Amigo to engage with clients to fully understand the business challenges, advise on how to deliver the transformations required through Agile continuous exploration approaches and help deliver all types of change large or small through to the realisation of business benefits.

Katherine Champion

Katherine is an approachable, accomplished and committed Amigo and Agilist.

Katherine has successfully undertaken several strategic roles in large enterprise and startups to shape, design and deliver scalable business propositions in the last 30 years.

As a Design Thinker, in the Product Shaping and Design space, she partners and collaborates with companies in shaping and delivering products their customers love and support them in achieving their strategic business goals.

Sian Thompson

Sian is an organized, disciplined, and artistic amigo with excellent communications skills.

With over 4 years experience in data and analytics, she has worked on multiple projects in a variety of industry domains, using modern technology stacks and engineering practices.

As one of the DevOps engineer at TechAmigos, Sian constantly self-assesses herself and believes in continuous learning and improvement. She aligns perfectly with the true amigo style of being helpful to clients.

Anna – Maria Tufareanu

Anna is a reliable, loyal, and dedicated amigo who is driven by enthusiasm and willingness to tackle new and challenging activities.

In the last 10 years, Anna has successfully undertaken several roles in different software development projects, being part of teams, both in large multinational and also small companies.

As a Scrum Master, part of Tech Amigo’s team, Anna delivers and implements the Agile methodologies and practices, and promotes a DevOps culture on both internal Tech Amigo’s projects and its clients’ projects.

Customer Testimonials

We have a challenging task to improve our Developer Experience and engaged TechAmigos to help us to consolidate our tooling and improve our release pipeline.

“Great collaboration, expertise and camaraderie, and has exceeded our expectations”


Freddie – VP Engineering,  Arachnys

Tech Amigos have been instrumental in realising our technical roadmap and setting us well on our way to our digital transformation goals.

“The documentation and digital assets delivered have been invaluable in getting stakeholders on-board and helping non technical partners understand our vision”

Jamie – CTO, Vanarama

 We wanted to move away from using cloud based CI/CD Tooling to support release pipeline for different tech stacks

“Their technical expertise has enabled us to move quickly, leveraging skill-sets that are almost impossible to hire in our geographic location”


Jamie – CTO, Vanarama

 We chose Tech Amigos to support our engineering team with day-to-day infrastructure needs and they have embedded themselves into the culture of our business

“I wouldn’t expect anything less than ‘excellence’ delivered by TechAmigo’s. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and more importantly, you can trust them to deliver quality of work you would expect, yet that is so hard to find.”


Ana – Delivery Manager, Vanarama

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