Struggling to realise the full potential from your cloud investment?

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We offer decades of hands-on cloud engineering experience with an outcome based implementation service thats delivers on the promise of agility, lower costs and faster software development.


Complex tech landscape with too many choices

Skills gap

Platform engineers are notoriously difficult to hire. DevOps, cloud and Kubernetes require specific expertise – and mistakes can lead to security breaches, auto-scaling downtime and mismanaged ephemeral environments.

Crowded tooling market

Moving to the cloud was meant to bring simplicity – but as hundreds of cloud-native tools, open source frameworks and startups have emerged, the number of options has become overwhelming.

The result

Lower quality code, longer cycle times and higher costs.


Simplify with the 80-20 rule


Focus on the first 20% of correct design choices that will give you 80% of the benefits when it comes to performance, security, and stability in cloud; the rest you can optimise later. We provide an outcome-based cloud engineering service aimed at accelerating your cloud journey by setting up that right 20% for you


Unlike other consultancies who lock you into a massive years-long commitment and withhold crucial technical information, our approach is focused on creating a foundation that you can build on yourself.


We believe in growing our own business by scaling our customers’ capabilities and continuously delivering value as you move on to the next step in your cloud adoption.


Outcome based services


Cloud native strategy

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to scale or trying to consolidate your technology stack, having a solid game plan is essential. We’ll deliver a sound strategy and a well-defined roadmap with incremental milestones, which will serve as the basis for your cloud transformation programmes.


  • AS-IS analysis, business strategy to capability mapping
  • Target state blueprint
  • Roadmap with transition planning
  • Macro technology decisions
  • Analysis and strategy for breaking monoliths into microservices
Technology evaluations

We’ll build the stack you need – no more and no less. Tech Amigos can select the right tech for the job and piece everything together to provide a cohesive solution – after a thorough PoC in your environment, we’ll demonstrate how the design can be further implemented. Here are areas we can carry out PoCs for: 

  • Serverless applications
  • Cloud native applications
  • Store and forward patterns
  • Event based architectures 
Reusable patterns library

An engagement with Tech Amigos doesn’t end with a reference architecture diagram full of boxes and arrows. We’ll deliver detailed, implementable patterns using example applications and all the guidance you need to get them working in a well documented README. We’re experienced in creating patterns for the following:

● API Gateway
● Micro services
● GraphQL Federation
● Data ingestion – DMS, AWS Glue, Kinesis
● Lambdas using serverless framework

IaC cloud setup

We will deliver a cloud-setup that follows an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach using Terraform – so that you have a working setup that can be deployed, enhanced easily and can provides you with scalable, secure and cost efficient cloud foundations. This will typically relate to:


  • AWS well architected account setup
  • Basic IAM and security
  • VPCs, Loaad balancers, DNS
  • Cluster setups – EKS/ECS
  • Serverless setup for Lambdas, API gateways
DevOps tooling

Whether you follow a trunk-based model or branch per environment model, we will streamline your developer process with industry standard CI/CD implementation, open source tooling and a sleek developer experience – so that you have a scalable, secure and cost efficient release pipeline. We can support with implementations for the following:


  • CI Pipelines – accommodating unit tests for different technologies, packaging, code quality checks, artifact repositories
  • CD Pipelines – deploying to target route-to-live environments and supporting different deployment strategies and feature flags
  • Monitoring – necessary alerts and dashboards for monitoring services
  • Process integrations – integrate with your collaboration tools such as Slack, Jira, GitHub etc.
Cloud costs reduction

The cloud is meant to reduce your IT overhead, but it often becomes a major resource drain in its own right. We’ll help you understand what’s happening with your cloud bill and suggest actionable ways to reduce it, with:


  • Cost analysis and cost reduction
  • Cost efficiency strategies

Few tools from our toolbox


The Tech Amigos Guarantee

Hands on – No fluffy powerpoints

We deliver results, not diagrams – including solid patterns, bootstrapping code and standards for cloud-native solutions.

Outcome-based pricing

Pay for measurable outcomes – not hours worked.

Startup mindset

Our iterative approach increases velocity and agility for teams of any size, be it a startup, scaleup or a non tech SME business

No long term contracts. No proprietary technology. Only pay for the value you get.


What our clients say about us

“Technical expertise provided by Tech Amigos has enabled us to move quickly, leveraging skill-sets that are almost impossible to hire in our geographic location”

Jamie Buchanan, CTO

“Tech Amigos delivered this project in the proposed time frame, with a level of customer service which is almost surprising in this day and age”

Patrick Carter, CTO

“Tech Amigos have built a culture, so you feel that you are working closely with people, not just the company – every amigo is competent that helps forming relationship and build trust”

Freddie Quek – CTO

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